notes from the underdog

henrey lee lucat

it's been over a year since i've last checked in with you all, and what a year it's been! I've slept approximately 7400 hours! I've had close to 800 meals! some better than others, it's true. and some days, not enough food, not enough sleep. life is sometimes fraught with difficulties here in washington heights. we've opened our door once more to charango and merv, which has it's pluses and minuses. on the plus side: merv will often team up with me to petition the food bitch for extra meals. minus: sometimes merv will eat everyone's food. also on the plus side is merv's dad Peter who will often front me a few bucks for a 40. he likes yankee baseball. i like yankee baseball. so if baseball is on, its usually two against the food bitch.

jon moved to astoria, and again, this has it's pluses and minuses. plus: he left the blanket. minus: he lives in astoria. do any of you even know where that is? mungo claims it's a fancy hotel. i never knew jon had that kind of money. hey jon? can i borrow a few dollars? i need to pay my kitten support...

here are my beer recommendations for the summer:

schlitz: this is the sound the can makes when you open it. how can you not love an onomatopoetic beer?

schaeffer: the one beer to have when you're having more than one. that's not because it tastes good, that's because it's cheap.

meister brau: a/k/a mister beer. never pay more that $1.99 per 6-pack for this one.

midnight dragon: will almost definitely give you a huge headache. has been known to cause temporary psychosis.

genny cream ale: this used to be a cheap beer, then someone decided it was ironic. was better cheap.

budwiser: the best beer when someone else is buying. mungo loves the weasel radio spots.

coors: only if it's free

molson canadian: if you by this down the street from me, the cashiers will be confused. they won't know what to charge you. just tell them that canadian money is worth half ours, and so it should be 50 cents a bottle.

this is a good website: beer is my life