mungo's menu

photo: mungo works out with his personal trainer

Sometimes i think i might be the luckiest cat the the world. I have great friends like Charango and Merv, and the best brother ever, Henrey Lee Lucat. And if that weren't enough... my grandma works for a vet! and gets free samples of cat food! All different kinds! Before the stores get them!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to taste-test a new Science Diet flavor--Hairball Control! I was very excited! Hairball, well, no one wants those, and control... that reminded me of this alcoholic beverage Henrey likes to drink on special occasions, Pisco Control. It's from Chile. Henrey says in chilean it means he who controls the fishes. Hairball Control was amazing! It had a conical shape, like a little brown party hat. It made me so happy! But sadly, Hairball Control is a high-fat food, and i like to watch my figure (you should too! watch my figure, that is...). So Hairball Control had to be, like Pisco Control, for special occasions only...

One day my grandma said she had a big surprise for me. I was terribly excited. I love surprises almost as much as i love food, and my brother, and my friends! well, this surprise was even better than I expected...Science Diet came out with a new flavor! Hairball Control Light!!!! Now I can eat tasty food, not be gagging on hairballs, and retain my youthful figure! It's so awesome!