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talkin' 'bout name generators...

I really like having many different names, and even before I was given some by online name generators, I had my own: Constance Marie Lingus, Daphne Persephone Ariadne, Melpomene Whitehead... I kept losing the URLs to all those name generators I've visited over the years. I was going to just bookmark them, but I decided instead to bore you all with the particulars of the names I've received over the past few years. Links are provided so you can get your own names.

my hobbit name: Tigerlily Goldworthy of Michel Delving

my wu name: Tha Eurythmic King of Nowhere

C.Y.B.O.R.G name: M.A.R.I.E.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Infiltration and Exploration

My Star Wars name: Marmu Knnew The honorific name: Acacivic of Synthroid

My Porn name: Boopsie Cummings

My pagan name: Serena Autumn Pendragon

My viking name: Maren the Peevish

my poke name: Lickifu
Profile You live in the steaming jungles of Thailand, and your diet consists mostly of grass, TV dinners and kerosene.
Characteristics (Combat and Non-combat) You have uncanny instinct. You can walk on water. You can float in jet fuel. You can resist force bolts. You can throw salt spikes. You have a song in your heart. You can breathe fire. You can drink lava. You can shoot broken glass. You have a covered wicker basket.
Natural Enemies Your natural enemy is Starbar.

Lickifu drawing by Peter Bernard

my japanese name: Marie Mundeka.

a bunch of names:
Stage Name: Yvette Tysens
Stripper/Pimp Name: Hildy Knox
WASP Name: Chris Corey
Random Name: Pruiga Phur
Warez Kiddie: Mari3 M
Pokemon Name: Mariesu
Star Wars Character Name: Acama Knonew
BackStreet Boys Name: Frack's Cherrylips
Pop Star Name: Melissa McLenight
Evil Professor's New Name Assignment: Pinky Bananahead
Adventuring Name: Violent Prophet

my monster name: The Supreme Nightman

My pro-wrestling name: Cell Block Sam

My glam name: Queer God

My prison bitch name: was stupid

What people call me behind my back at work name: Baby

My Oz Prison Bitch name: Baby Buns

My Smurf name: Stoner Smurf

My Pirante name: Iron Mary Bonney





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