look! a new story by J.B. Sclisizzi! accelerated slippages of pleasure

So, this is drunkenscrawl, a writing site that will be continually updated. The basic premise, and there is one, is that all the works will be funny, or odd, or off in some way, as if the writer or the reader is drunk, and many of us are, some of the time.

We have some kick-ass contributors: all, except me, are real, honest-to-goodness writers: Jon Konrath has a book out and is finishing up his second, Caligula Dodge, under a different name, is a reporter (so you can understand why the pseudonym), J.B. Sclisizzi has been published in Canadian literary journals and has a site palimpsest that got some sort of honor from Nerve, and another one paraethos that didn't, Matthew Hoffman is a comedy writer and he writes bios for money (!!), Teresa Ann Halford (she's busy right now!), another Canadian who's been published in literary journals... Then there's me, the cats, and the Unabomber.

Well, I had a grand plan involved server-side includes that doesn't work with the rollovers I did in Dreamweaver. Could I fix this? sure. Will I? It seems obvious that I won't, so I might as well just get on with things.

Until this is working, click on 'contributors' to get to the essays, or go here

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