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accelerated slippages of pleasure by J.B. Sclisizzi

mydrunkenscrawl (montcalm) by jay beaez by J.B. Sclisizzi

If People Can Eat Blood Pudding, I Can Say I'm a Writer on my Tax Return by Jon Konrath

My Brother Died in a Clown Car Accident, You Douchebag by Jon Konrath

Grace Departs from Colin by Caligula Dodge

The First and Last Days Of A Baseball Card Mystic by Caligula Dodge

The Day Colin Lost His Dignity by Caligula Dodge

What Is The Matter With Annalisa by Caligula Dodge

Gentlemen, Please! by Matthew Hoffman

scatalogical by Dorothy Parka

rodenticide tour diary by Mungo & Henrey

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rumored to exist by Jon Konrath. Fiction, book reviews, the January 20th Society, and more...
Palimpsest J.B. Sclisizzi's dada-esque site
snevil: your personal gates of steel erupture: fiction and essays, funny and pathetic
extreme ny New York City's extreme music and art scene.
mungo and henrey1 and
McSweeny's Internet Tendency: something we are not

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