welcome to our nightmlare

introducing Mungo Baguette Mundaca and Henrey Lee Lucat

Hi! Thanks for visiting! Would you like some catnip? Do you want to drink some cold water from the kitchen sink? Do you want me to throw the toy or move the feather around in circles? How about the fishing pole game? Wanna play? Wait that's my box! Get out!

You know how to navigate. We're user-friendly. We're Y2K compliant--we have to be, we're cats! We offer an easy-to-use interface, we're totally web-enabled and we provide pre 4.X browser usability! Crazy? You decide! We have to be--we're cats!. Aww, enough of that.

We'd like to thank:
our friend and sponsor Jon
chankfonts! We've used some of their free fonts on this site! They way cool!
our friend and playmate Peter