Mungo: best cat ever? Half-weasel, half-wolverine? A happy face on four legs? Mungo only spend a short time with us on earth, but he lived an eternity in each moment. Here's to Mungo G. Baguette, c. October 1995 -October 7, 2003~a better mammal never trod this earth.

Mungo Baguette, Art Criticism

Mungo wrote a review of sculptor Tom Otterness

Mungo's Mewsings: his column in my online zine, e-rupture

mungo's mewsings #1: jan 98 Mungo writes about his girlfriends
#2: mungo's xmas feb 98 Mungo writes about his xmas vacation with his girlfriend Georgette
#3: separated at birth mar 98 A charming story about Mungo's humble beginnings
book reviews apr 98 Mungo was an avid reader!
review of henrey aug 98 A critique and paeon to his tiny adopted brother, Hank Lee Lucat

his pages

the first, from 1998
the second, from 1999
The lost Mungo pages These are the partly recovered pages from Mungo and Henrey issue #3, lost in the great PC crash of 2000, leading to the acquisition of the tangerine iBook.


Mungo Attacks!
Does not the name say it all? Directed by Peter Bernard
Mungo and Henrey partake, and get baked.
To The Window
A very enigmatic and exciting film, directed by Jon Konrath

couple of pictures

me and mungo
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He had read in Stewart's book that when he inquired in a New York hotel for the Boots, he had been shown across the street and had found Mungo in his own house dining on roast turkey.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 18031882, Essays and English Traits.
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