You remember the Y2K bug? I had one. It was big and brown, and had a suit of armor like a japanese monster robot. He hung around the apartment for 6 months, sitting in a corner, eating bookbindings and paper bags. Finally he ate a bunch of computer files as we were uploading Mungo et Henrey trois and he killed the PC, as well as temporarily disrupting my flow of chi. Many people promised to attempt file recovery, but it never happened. I finally convinced my mom that there was tremendous interest in these lost pages, so she tried to recover what she could. Some photos, and a story based on A Clockwork Orange are lost forever. But to compensate we've added links to things you've maybe never seen before! Like a movie of my friend the late Merv Thing, two movies featuring me, and a flash birthday card for my mom that features me, Henrey, my friend Charango, and that weird new girl who lives in the house.

And what happened to the Y2K bug? He got fat and slow, and one day while sunning on the fire escape he was attacked by my friend Perry Green, the millennium falcon.

things that went missing

Hank's Beer review

The Mungo diet: Porkchops aplenty!

Sleeping Henrey! ill-ustration by Marie Mundaca; animation by Peter Bernard

Good Ol' Itchy Merv a film of Merv Thing, the mystery beast.

Mungo Attacks! Action film directed by Peter Bernard

My cousin photo by Jon Konrath

the birthday card i'm in animated by Peter Bernard

To The Window! A thriller directed by Jon Konrath, starring me and Henrey

ad for girl: This girl came to live with us. She's insane. She hisses for no reason. She calls Hank 'offica Henrey.' We think maybe she's crazy on account of her extra fingers--they may have used her brain to make the additional digit. Also, some horrible person pulled out all her claws in the front, which would make anyone crazy. Her name is Poly-Gene MunDactyl, but we've been calling her He-Girl, Master of the Puniverse.

Barc: my favorite local animal shelter. check out the spokescat on the cat gallery page! if the girl's not good she's going here.

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