several months in the making! it's Mungo & Henrey issue #2!

a short note from Mungo

I know this took a long time for us to get from issue number one to issue number two, but I've been very busy! Jon moved in, and he's quite a paw-full. I have to keep an eye (my left one) on him every minute! He's always doing something! It's so weird! And he's home when Mommy is not, which used to be my sleepy time. So, I'm very very tired. But I'm really glad he's here--he's very entertaining! He gets lunches that I like, and sometimes the lunches come in bags that I can put my head into!

The other really big news is that I got a new chair. It's very big and round and comfortable, and I can sit both on it and under it. When I sit under it, I pretend that I'm Bright Eyes from Planet of the Apes and I'm in a cage! Henrey is the evil ape warden.

We've been hard at work on this issue. Check out Henrey's news from the front, Bright Lights, Big Kitty (more fiction about Merv), and my very touching ode and homage to my favorite human female besides my mother, Amy Poehler of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Plus, chats about snax and more pictures of me and Hank.

We'd like to thank:
our friend and sponsor Jon
chankfonts! We've used some of their free fonts on this site! They way cool!
our friend and playmate Peter