mungo bemewsed

by mungo baguette

click here to see more pictures of me and my pals! Ah, life is good. I have a computer, a food bowl, a playmate and a cat. What else would I need? Oh, How about a book?

Kitty Lit with Mungo Baguette

Stuffin' the Muffin

Sometimes I'm pretty sure I've woken up in the bizarro world. When mom told me that she had a book for me to review by Joyce Carol Oates, I was scared. I like to read, but not that much. And usually her stuff is sort of, uh, weird. I mean, did you read Zombie? That was wack! Anyway, as it turned out, Come Meet Muffin is only 32 pages, and had lots of pictures! I love books like that! And it's about a cat named Muffin who eats strange food and goes outside and gets lost! I think Joyce Carol has penetrated my mind and re-wrote my life story! But where's Henrey? Come Meet Muffin! By Joyce Carol Oates, Hardcover; 32 pages, Ecco Press; $18.00

Chi eat yet? No, chew?

Feng Shui for Cats : By Cats, for Cats? First of all, it's not by a cat. You think I don't know? I know. Second, it's all stupid. I mean, I can't program a vcr, how the hell am I going to apply the fundementals of Feng Shui to my living space? And where's Henrey?
Feng Shui for Cats : By Cats, for Cats by Roni Jay, Hardcover; 56 pages, Sterling Publications, $7.95

Better than Gremlins, Better than ET

Cats: Wild Cats and Pampered Pets is one of the nicer cat books I've seen in a long time, and I'm not just saying that because the publisher pays for my dinner. It's cat size (7"w x 51/2" high), and it's basically just very nicely reproduced paintings of cats with some informational captions and the occasional cat quotation or poem. There are pictures of lions, kittens and Henrey! Finally! Here's Henrey! I recommend it highly.
Cats: Wild Cats and Pampered Pets, by Andrew Edney, Hardcover, 400 pages, Watson-Guptill Publications, $19.95